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There was going to be another post here…

Because yesterday I got busy, it’s now almost three and well I’m wide awake… Reason?

I had a BAT in my room.  I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and well hear movement in the room too big to be a moth or stink bug.  Turn on the light and get buzzed by the bat.  Yeah, I screamed like a little girl okay!  I don’t deal with bats or bugs well.

Once the shock of that was over I slipped over to the window and opened it then slipped out of the room to go you know, and grab a drink.  I get back Bat’s back out side.  Damn peeping tom!

Anyway, I’ll try to get the proper post for today up.  I’m counting this as a challenge post for yesterday (It’s over 100 words!  I’m not failing my at least 100 words a day, just bending it a little.

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