memory lane – Home is where the most memories were made.

Today’s just been a whole stroll down memory lane kind of day; and well my strolling, gets you a peek into my childhood, so guess your gain as well as mine! Yes in the tags I’m using the name I use for my pseudonym that way if my family doesn’t have to worry about being tied to my fanfiction as well. Also the photo credit belongs to my dad, I edited it to crop out anything tying to where it was since the hose has changed since then and a new family owns it. Figured they wouldn’t want to have problems either. Read the rest of this entry »

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Personal Challenge

Well okay, I’m going to actually try to finish a challenge here.  I’ve started a few 100 theme challenges mostly for fanfiction, but starting today I’m going to try to actually write here once a day for a year!

This might just be 100 words slipped in while I’m working on something else, or might be a nice long story.  You’ll never know what’ll happen, but I would love the reader feed back!

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greetings and salutations

I know I have a few blogs, I’m going to use this one for stories I don’t want to post to my rp journals on Dreamwidth, or my Archive of our own and accounts.  Some… scratch that not all the stuff here is kiddie friendly I’ll make sure to tag it though and warn before the cut so that no one can rip into me for not warning.

When possible I will also be posting a link to where the fic or prompt can be found on my blogs or the writing archives.




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