been a while

While I’d like to say that life got in the way it’s been more crafting got in the way.  By all means this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on here, just busy.  Add to that a trip to NYC at the end of the month, Nano (Which I’m behind on) and writer’s block… which I’m blaming on being unable to think straight lately.  This was why I took a month out of RP really, burn out.  

I’m hoping the burn out ends soon though.  Until then I think I’m going to pixel more.  The shop blog could use more personal touches and I’m thinking that dolling me and my partner as blob monkeys would be cute.

I’ll write more later trying to see if I can save my wordcount on NaNo

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Boy I’ve failed lately…

I know I meant to write every day here.  I’ve gotten swamped with things for my online shop and now getting things together for my trip to NYC next month as well as NaNoWriMo.

I have 30k words written up that are all my notes for the novel’s first draft.  One November 1st exactly at 12:01 AM I will be writing the story out from my plot line.  I’m actually planning a double.  Though with all the notes… I might end up with a triple.

Wish me luck on top of all my shop writing I have I may need it.  This upcoming vacation will be a break away from everything writing related for 5 days.  I just hope that it will be a celebration too!

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Walk home

I know I haven’t written in a while.  SORRY!  though tonight I went to a poetry reading.  This is what I scribbled out while listening to others.

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how to wear an oversized scarf

The only thing missing from this look… A few gears, but maybe that’s the steampunk fan in me. Now I just need to find a bigger bandanna, all the ones I have are far too small.

Hm…. Looks like that’s something I’ll be looking for slowly after I get the shops I run up and running.

Crafted in Carhartt

how to wear an oversized scarf

how to wear an oversized scarf

how to wear an oversized scarf

how to wear an oversized scarf

how to wear an oversized scarf

how to wear an oversized scarf

To all my those girls who are rugged at heart, there’s a great way to wear those oversized scarves. In the plumbing and pipe section of your local hardware store, grab a few copper couplings and see what you can do with them. I always have a hard time tying and wrapping scarves successfully around my neck. Try this fool-proof way to secure your scarf. It only takes a few seconds.

shop this look: Clarkston Cami and Tomboy Hooded Jacket 

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Memory Lane : oops

I know I’ve been missing some of these lately, blame it on a Doctor Who scarf that I’m working on.  I’m on the back end of it actually, I’m so tired of single stitches now…

Also working on stocking my shops. This week is kind of dedicated to crafts last week was my “Ugh I need a break”.

Today… well I was in the car with the housemate’s son and we got to talking about stuff so I thought I’d type up the story he likes.  This one, isn’t exactly kiddie friendly there’s blood mentioned.

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There was going to be another post here…

Because yesterday I got busy, it’s now almost three and well I’m wide awake… Reason?

I had a BAT in my room.  I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and well hear movement in the room too big to be a moth or stink bug.  Turn on the light and get buzzed by the bat.  Yeah, I screamed like a little girl okay!  I don’t deal with bats or bugs well.

Once the shock of that was over I slipped over to the window and opened it then slipped out of the room to go you know, and grab a drink.  I get back Bat’s back out side.  Damn peeping tom!

Anyway, I’ll try to get the proper post for today up.  I’m counting this as a challenge post for yesterday (It’s over 100 words!  I’m not failing my at least 100 words a day, just bending it a little.

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memory lane – the one that got away, kinda

Again, I’m not giving away the exact location or names to protect family.  Some details  may be changed because Damn happened ages ago and I’ve done a lot since then, but hey I thought it was a cute story.  Image isn’t mine, I snagged it from stock footage… Read the rest of this entry »

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